Review: Cosatto Hubbub Isofix Car Seat

Car seat shopping. Easy right? Is it buggery. It is hard graft looking for the perfect car seat. You have hundreds of options from dozens of different brands. It can be a thankless task. Let me set a little scenario for you.

You may have penciled in new car seat shopping for this weekend. Alternatively you may have woken up, rolled over to your other half and informed them that Little Shirley or Little Jimmy needs a new car seat and thus spontaneously created your plans for the day. If it’s pre-planned or spontaneous, heading into any retailer who sells a car seat without having done the leg work (research) is a dangerous game. You will be met by lots of options and you will probably leave without purchasing a seat,  nursing a hangover headache created without the night before fun and have the desire to swing by the solicitors to pick up some divorce papers.  Little Jimmy / little Shirley won’t leave happy either, as they probably won’t have behaved in a manner which justifies giving them the chocolate they cried for all the time you were lifting car seats on and off shelves and fastening them in and out of.

So with that in mind, and as I am a generous soul who likes to share his helpful tips and worldly experience, I will make your life easier, save your marriage and help your little one get jacked up on chocolate. For below is a review for the car seat that you will purchase after reading the words that I have written. You probably won’t even have to leave your house because you will be so convinced you will order online by clicking here.

Lets crack on.


Can my kid get a ticket to ride?

Absolutely providing your child weighs in at between 9kg to 36kg, or approx 9 months to 12 years in age terms. The Hubbub is a group 1,2,3 car seat meaning it grows with your child and does it without any fuss or removal of any big lumpy bits.  The headrest has 6 positions which are easy to move between thanks to a little click and pull action, whilst the 2 part reversible seat liner offers a supportive snuggle.  When we were setting up for Flo, who is almost 4,  it was easy peasy to get the positioning just right and when I interrogated her she reported, free of duress, that she was very comfy and snug.

Will they be able to twist and shout?

Every child appears to have this little Houdini side to them wear they can wiggle free from a seemingly impossible situation with brazen disregard for the safety and their parents heart health. Your child’s days of slipping those arms out of their car seat are over, as long as they are sitting in this car seat that is, thanks to the Brand New Cosatto Anti-Escape System that the Hubbub is fitted with. I asked Flo to try and break free and she didn’t manage it and she wiggles her way out of many a situation. I had made sure it was all nice a snug around her before asking her to escape. She also advised me that she was happy and it did not feel to tight which was comforting. My experience of other car seats we have had, is that she has been uncomfortable when all buckled up. This then creates the problem of hearing a child shout at you for the duration of your journey that the car seat is too tight.  So the anti-escape system also saves you from that little nightmare. So whilst they will be able to shout at you about other things being uncomfortable in their car seat will not be on of them.


Day tripper

We are blessed with two beautiful children, two parental cars, two sets of  grandparents who also own their own grandparent taxi’s and not enough financial clout to buy car seats for all. As a result we do a lot of car seat juggling. The Hubbub is a car seat jugglers dream. Unlike some car seats, it is not cumbersome or oddly shaped, meaning your back and paintwork remain intact. The universal ISOFIX allows you to click in and go, no seatbelts, no stress. You also get a lot of ISOFIX bar to play with and it stay’s nice and sturdy meaning you are not left trying to battle the ISOFIX system whilst hunting for the bar hidden under the car seat.

Every little thing

As well as the major features above, and the side impact protection, its the little extra touches that make the Hubbub a stand out car seat.  There is a top tether anchor strap which gives that added little bit of security. The quick release harness button means you want be battling to set your offspring free. It comes with really convenient storage pockets to hide the straps whilst not compromising the look.  The comfy seat liners can be removed easily to wash, and it also features very comfy padded arm rests. All these allow your little one to ride in safety and comfort.

Mailman, bring me no more blues

Let’s face it the mailman usually brings us rubbish, boring nonsense. Well that won’t be the case when he delivers your Hubbub car seat. For when you take delivery and crack open the box, you will be met by vibrant colour, exciting your eyes and stimulating your pleasure center. Unlike it’s competitors, the Hubbub screams creativity, excitement and zest for life. Cosatto bring their personality to this bad boy, as they do with all their baby products,  and it is a joy to behold. You have 6 looks to chose from. All colourful, all beautiful, all rejecting dullness. We have the magic unicorn look to match the double pram we have. Catching a glimpse of this colourful little number in my rear view mirror whilst ensuring Flo is still alive is a pleasant little treat on my eyes and brings a smile to my face.


Money (That’s what I want)

The business end. The bit that probably gets you nervous. Will you have to remortgage the house to buy the Hubbub? At £194.95 it falls on the good side of £200.  When you consider how long your sprog can use the car seat for you are looking at approximately £16 a year. Not bad. You also get a 4 year guarantee, which you cannot shake your head at.

From me to you

In summation, this car seat has and does everything you would hope for from a car seat. It is packed with excellent safety features. It is comfortable. It is easily washable. It grows with your child. It is well priced. It is also full of personality and brings a bit of fun and happiness. And we can all do with more of that.

Find it here in all its glory. 

Much love