I want to go really fast down a big hill, on some skis with my family: Mark Warner Ambassador quest

Fifteen years ago, half my life time, I got on a coach with lots of other teenagers of schooling age, and a few teachers who were there to keep us in check and traveled for 24 hours across Europe. Our destination was Austria. Why were we going? For a week of skiing.

It was one of the most amazing times of my life. I was young, carefree, risk averse and let loose to do all the cool things like black slopes, slaloms and jumps. I promised myself I would go yearly from that point. Unfortunately I did not keep that promise and have not been since.

I have mithered the better half that we should go but it’s never happened. Since we have had kids I have longed to take them, then this winter this dream intensified when Flo tried ice skating for the first time and loved it. In that moment I knew she would love skiing.


So 2018 is hopefully the year the Freckles finally go skiing as a family. As a December baby I feel it will be my treat to myself this year and an extra special christmas and New Year for us all.

Mark Warner holidays specialise in activity holidays for families and providing award winning childcare. It is why I am planning on using them to help me plan this little family adventure. They have it all covered when it comes to creating that fun filled, activity packed holiday for the family whilst also ensuring that christmas and New Year magic does not go missing.


I’m thinking of the festive period simply because christmas and snow go hand in hand in all the films and story books but here in Manchester it’s always a whiteless christmas. Therefore a little of the white stuff for the kids to play in would I am sure put me in the daddy good books. Also New Year in our house usually involves an early night. Being in a beautiful part of the world, in the mountains, I am sure would keep us up until that clock strikes 12.

The sheer thought of being out skiing with the family gets me all giddy and warm inside. The lovely crisp fresh air. The amazing views. Being out in the mountains, experiencing something different. It is what life all is about.

That is why I would love to be a Mark Warner ambassador this sheer and share my family adventure with you.

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