Christy Bathrobes

Is there a better feeling then stepping out of the bath or bed in the morning and wrapping yourself up in a nice warm bathrobe? Especially when the temperature is dropping outside and you are putting of knocking the heating on. Having a warm and fluffy bathrobe draped over you, keeping you snug and comfortable is a truly pleasant experience.

Christy have been in the towel game since it began. They created the towel as we know it today. Their longevity in the cotton game means they are experts in what they do so on that score you know a Christy bathrobe is going to be the real deal.

Christy offer a number of different bathrobes so you are not short on choice. On that note lets get to the robes, which whilst beautifully modelled by a number of my good male friends, are unisex and make the perfect gift for you, your spouse, friends and family. Whoever you feel will benefit from the warming cuddle of a bathrobe.

Luxury Egyptian Cotton 

As far as I am aware, I do not think I have ever been draped in 100% Egyptian cotton before placed myself inside my Christy bathrobe. It is delightfully soft, thick and cosy. I opted to have my bathrobe in graphite, whilst my good friend Tom from @unlikelydad went with the white. As I am sure you agree we look dashing.  So if you fancy the Luxury Egyptian Cotton robe click here.


Supreme Velor Robe

Why not wrap yourself up in the luxurious cotton Supreme Velour Robe for the ultimate spa-like experience in your very own home. Made with 100% cotton this soft and fluffy robe is stylish and comfortable, so whether you are relaxing after a bath or baking a Great British Bake Off standard chocolate cake, you will be looking on point. Just like Mat from @thelifeofrileyfamily , who is looking like a proper show stopper in his supreme velor robe in thistle. Then we have Adam from @dadforit who is owning it in his graphite supreme velor robe. So if you are loving it, why not go for it and check out the supreme velor range here.


Super Soft Bath Robe

The super soft robe is simple and beautiful and lives up to its name. It feels like stepping into a cloud on a warm summers day. You feel safe, secure nestled into this outer garment, whether that be in the kitchen brewing up or taking a stroll around your coy pound on a brisk Sunday morning. Print making supremo Billy who encourages folk to @goutsidethelines looks simply regal in his super soft robe in poolside, whilst Joel of @dadvgirls fame and Sam from @dadofmadlads make bouncing look charming in their white and tarmac robes. And finally its Al from @itsthefergusons who is crushing the Country and kitchen Lifestyle Magazine pose in his crushed grape super soft robe.  Fancy one of these luxury robes then click here to choose your super soft robe.










Windsor Robe

Just like Connor from @dads_and_donts the Windsor robe is sophisticated and stylish. Made of 100% cotton, the Windsor is designed for lounging and creating a spa like experience in your own home. It is beautifully soft, created with relaxation in mind. So after a long day at work, you can snuggle up and unwind in style and comfort. Check the Windsor robe range out here.


To check out all the bathrobe ranges available from Christy just click here Once you have chosen your robe why not match it with some towels of charm and quality as well. Simply click here for the beautiful array of towels available.