The gift of a new experience

In the past whenever we’ve baked we’ve always had to use good old human elbow grease to do all the manual mixing. And whilst I don’t mind baking, hand mixing ain’t my cup of tea. To much pressure on the wrists. 

To get a lovely fluffy meringue you need to do a lot of mixing. We’ve never tried to do it as it seemed to hard, and with our dietary requirements it’s meant the kids have never experienced meringues.

However getting this mixer from @veryuk has given me the tools to gift the kids a new experience. That’s what I love about gifts. You can give people things they’ve never tried before and awaken them to a new experience.


The experience of joy as you put ingredients into a bowl and watch someone else do the hard work. The joy of eating the icing sugar before it becomes meringue. The joys of eating the prebaked mixture. 


But what are the ingredients that you need to make a vegan meringue? Quite simply it’s the water from a can of chickpeas mixed with 100g of icing sugar. Firstly you put the chickpea water into the mixer and mix it until it makes soft peaks. Then slowly add the icing sugar, a table spoon at a time until it’s thick and glossy. This takes awhile so be patient.


Make sure the oven is on at 90c. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Stick the paper to the tray using a little of the meringue mixture. Then pipe or spoon the mixture into meringue shapes, pop in the oven and leave for a 1hr 15minutes. Once the time is up, pop the oven off but leave the meringues to cool. Once they are…eat.

Unfortunately so far I’ve not been able to gift my lot the joys of a proper meringue yet as I keep under baking or burning them. This isn’t to do with the recipe but more my incompetence. I’m sure you will have much better look.

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