Our Very exciting plans for 2019: Have fun and play

When I was a young lad I used to think my parents were well old, out of date and not cool. I think most kids think that way about their parents.


However I believe I am a hip, down to earth, happening kind of dad. Wherever the party is at, i am the kind of guy that will be there. Providing it doesn’t start to late and the music isn’t any of this modern nonsense.

I am sure my kids would agree. And if they have not realised how fun I am now she will do by the end of 2019, for our plans for the upcoming year for the family are simple. Have fun, play as much as possible.



I think it’s vastly important that we allow are kids to be kids as long as possible. There should be an emphasis on having fun and learning through play.

But I also think it’s important as adults that we remember to enjoy ourselves and have a little fun. Modern life is tough. Pressures and stress come from all angles . It is easy to get caught up. Both the wife and I have a lot of adulting to do this year with work so ensuring we have downtime and fun is already on the agenda.


Painting and generally creating mess is an easy fun win in our house. I asked Father Christmas to bring the kids there own paint maker from @veryuk which he mercifully did, because I’ve quite frankly found it great fun, if not a little exhausting shaking that paint.

So whilst I envisage that at times 2019 is going to be challenging and busy, we are going to strive to make it as fun and playful as possible along the way.


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